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    .vob to .jpg conversion?
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    Question .vob to .jpg conversion?
    Hey. I had a DVD with a Photo Album inside. I extracted the photos but they came out as .vob files. I can play these .vob files in VLC media player, the problem is that they play as a video. It is one image for 2 seconds and then a transition to the next image, and that's all. There is some unclear music in the background too.

    I want to extract the first image from the .vob file. I want it to be of good quality, hence I'm not doing a Screen-Capture. Any ideas how I can go about doing this extraction?

    Thanks in advance for ur help.

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    .vob to .jpg conversion?

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    If you can play them on your Powerbook, do a screen capture, and you should find you get as good quality as you would any other way, as it's a digital-to-digital operation. There's no reason the data embedded in the file should be any better quality than it appears on the screen. I fear you may be disappointed with the quality, however.

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