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    How to make a newsletter
    Hello all,

    I need to make a newsletter to send out through email. I have made one through pages but apparently with the new version of Pages apple has disabled the option to export as html.

    Is there any way to do this? Someone had mentioned using IWeb but I don't how I would do about it. I've tried various things. Saving it as a word doc then saving it as html in word, that only gives me a handful of images and no text.

    I would really like to use Pages. If I cant use that what have other people used to make newsletters?


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    How to make a newsletter
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    you can always mail one as a pdf

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    How to make a newsletter
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    it sounds like what you want is a desktop publishing program that can export to HTML. Ragtime is very good, but expensive and they no longer have their "free for personal use" version available unfortunately. Below is a link to VersionTracker's listing of desktop publishers... check out the ratings and reviews to see if one may suit your needs.

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    Thanks for the link I will check it out. I would love to send it as a PDF but that way it comes out as an attachment and my target group is A)not in to opening opening up attachments B)may not even have adobe reader. They're a sort of older bunch and may not have fully crawled in to the 21st century...never the less great people but I need a simpler way so that when they open their mail its there right before their eyes.


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