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    Web Design on Mac?
    I just switched this week and I am a very proud owner of a black MB. I am in my second year of my Web Design major. I have only used Dreamweaver and Flash 8 in school and I have had experience with photoshop on my own. They have only taught us basic stuff and my self learned knowledge exceeds class right now, I know html and I have played with CSS but nothing further than that. I would like to know what programs I need for my mac to do php and things at that level, I'm ready to start learning. Also I used ws ftp pro on my pc, whats the best ftp for mac? Thanks in advance!


    BTW: Web link is

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    As far as FTPs go, I have used Fugu, R-Browser, and Cyberduck

    They are all free, but Cyberduck works the best! I highly recommend it.

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    Web Design on Mac?
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    At home I use Transmit in coordination with BBEdit (Dreamweaver 8 at work) for my HTML/CSS/PHP editing.

    You can basically use any text editor to code PHP... the real body of PHP work comes with learning how to use it with a database (MySQL). If you're looking for a good learning experience, I'd recommend getting to know an open source php-based Web software like Wordpress.

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    Web Design on Mac?

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    Do a google for Mamp, download and install.

    Mamp configures the Apache server and MySql and then you are good to go to get started with php, any old text editor will do but Smultron is particularly nice.

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