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    Personal Websites New/Updates, things to see?
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    Personal Websites New/Updates, things to see?
    We all have personal webpages, I think it would be handy to just list them all into one thread.

    Link your webpage up, tell us all something about it, and feel free to tell us you changed something. We all will be happy to tell you our opinions.


    (this is the place for shameless self promotion!)

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    Well, not my website per se, but the website of the company I run:

    We provide domain name registration and internet hosting in Australia.

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    Personal Websites New/Updates, things to see?
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    my journal
    I have a really awesome online journal. Here is the link.
    "Time you enjoy wasting was not wasted" - John Lennon.

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    Looks very LiveJournalish?

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    I own a family of sites at the following URL's however, they are integrated together to make updating easier.
    \We are completing an update that would allow SmartPhone users with camera phones to send photo's from their phone to a personal gallery on my sites. Read more here

    Enjoy and let me know what you think!

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    it's a pretty standard design. Php big thumbs up there.

    Honestly the only thing i'd look into playing with is the header. I dig the logo, but the header is fairly empty. I include the top navigation as well. I'd look into just getting abit more color into there, to make it less neutral.

    That's something that could be done by a good graphic designer in no time. Not like having to completely redesign things.

    Def on the right track

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    Quote Originally Posted by witeshark
    These are neat sites! What is the best app for this? I am gonna make a site for my dad soon
    Dreamweaver, baby. Or notepad if you're a coder and I'm not. I like to see things when I set it up.

    Dziner: thanks. I'm still working on a new design. But I think I'll throw myself into it after I grab my new iBook.

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    Dreamweaver or BBEdit.

    MovebleType for blogs.

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    my site is finally back up and'll at least be an amusing five minutes to spend on the site....enjoy

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    TylerMoney: dont you have anything profitable to put up?
    i mean why waste money on a .com domain and host to make a site just to amuse people for 5mins? im just curious man i dont mean to criticise. I mean it isnt a site about something you love is it? do you really have alot to say? you only got pictures or the story.

    im working on
    but im going to change the new window system and add a nav bar instead..
    any comments would be grateful.


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    Personal Websites New/Updates, things to see?
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    With the cheap price of domains.. you can do whatever floats your boat and it's all good

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    on that note does anyone know any good OZ or NZ domain/hosting?

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    Personal Websites New/Updates, things to see?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Murlyn
    With the cheap price of domains.. you can do whatever floats your boat and it's all good
    How cheap, and from where? Thanks.

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    Primarily a Mac-translation site.

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    Personal Websites New/Updates, things to see?
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    Thanks. That original finder page is sweet to see! I think the Apple stores should show classic Macs to show its roots

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