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    Personal Websites New/Updates, things to see?
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    Thanks guys for sharing the personal websites. Nice!

    - Nick
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    I published my first web page in 1996. It was hosted by the old Sierra Club BBS which was called "Portal" ( The first page was a guide to what to do on a long layover in Narita, Japan. My second page, also hosted on Portal, was a guide to the island of Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands where I was living at the time. (Portal got its name from the town of El Portal, The Gateway to Yosemite.)

    The original Narita Layover page is here: Old Narita Layover Page

    The original Saipan page is here: Saipan Page

    My current homepage: Mike Newman

    For those interested in Internet history, my account with Portal was a unix shell account. Access to Portal was via an X.25 PAD (dial up) that I had installed on Saipan for my work. Software on the Mac included Mac Terminal, Mac SLiRP and MacTCP. On the shell account my web browser was Lynx. On the Mac we got MacWeb in the mid-90s. It could display GIFs inline, but JPEGs had to be downloaded and viewed separately.

    Enough nonsense from an old man.

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