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    Using Dreamweaver to edit Wordpress via MAMP
    I want to edit a Wordpress template using Dreamweaver CS5 and MAMP. I use this tutorial as a guideline to set it all up:

    I get through setting up MAMP and defining the server in Dreamweaver. However in the end I get an error message that all necessary files cannot be discovered. I 'retry' and still some files are missing. I can see the website in Dreamweaver Live View, but DW will not allow me to change anything. I have run through the tutorial 3 times now. Each time deleting and downloading the Wordpress files and template, deleting the server definition, even uninstalling and reinstalling MAMP then start again and I still get the error. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

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    Using Dreamweaver to edit Wordpress via MAMP

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    Hi there.

    Im not sure whats going on with your system I do this on a regular basis although i have moved to sublime I still have a dreamweaver and mamp setup running on my computer that works just fine.
    First off Dreamweaver support for php is not that great, i get its a nice tool for html editing but for php something like php storm or sublime would work much much better. and reduce your production time alot. What i do when this problem occurs is edit in my test editor and then preview straight from the browser since i said Dreamweaver has bad functionality in handling php.

    I would first put the site files somewhere in htdocs/ www lets call it testsite.

    Then i would go to my browser and navigate to http:// localhost/testsite ( if you have it set as localhost) just to see if mamp is working.
    If you can see the index then displayed correctly you problem is with Dreamweaver. ( which has alot of bugs working with wordpress.
    If you can see a index but your console is reporting 404' and the page doesnt look right ( ie no styling ) its your theme or mamp not connecting te external parts.

    go to site/ new site
    Enter a site name
    for the location site folder navigate to the testsite folder within your www directory.

    Click the servers tab

    server-name should be testsite
    connect using should be changed to localhost/network
    server folder navigate to your testsite folder within www directory
    web url : http:// localhost/testsite/
    click on advanced and on testing server click the drop down and choose php mysql.

    make sure that you go back to the servers tab and have remote and tesing server ticked.

    Now go to your wordpress site through local host and not dreaweaver change the permalink setting to plain
    Example : Plain http:// localhost/testsite/?p=123
    Aso check that in the general settings that the site base adress is correct
    it should in this case read http:// localhost/testsite/

    Save and exit. Now go to dreamweaver and preview in browser.

    Hope this helps.

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