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    best program for designing websites without learning code?
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    I use Wordpress for two sites that I manage. I pay $99 a year each to eliminate ads and that includes our website addresses. Fairly simple for a novice and although without paying extra you are restricted to layouts and fonts, the users seem quite happy and that's the main thing. The secret for an easy life is to go with the defaults (which i found hard to begin with) and learn to love them before you seek to make radical changes.
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    Wordpress, but I do suggest learn the basic bit by bit of html and css because it will come in handy when you need to tweak some function, but nonetheless if you only want to buy a theme and will input some data. Wordpress the right one I can suggest plus there's a lot of tutorial on youtube about it.

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    best program for designing websites without learning code?
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    If you are searching for a good web design software, I can suggest 3 best website design software to help you get started today. Wix is an easy to use editor with great support, beautiful templates and innovative features and apps. In terms of
    a design oriented website builder, Squarespace is capable to provide, plus its' template looks good on all devices. However, if you are looking for a user-friendly editor, Weebly is one of the very user-friendly editor with pre-designed page layouts to help you get started.

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    best program for designing websites without learning code?
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    Since i have some considerable time in web designing i suggest you also learn coding to help you build better website or at-least know what is going on inside your website's main frame but if you still want to go with web designing without learning codes then i would also suggest that you will go with Wix. Or there are other options available online. The easiest platform to work with is wordpress. It is free for beginners and basic web designing, You can easily make a basic website with free templates available on this system. Also when you get more use to it and want to build a professional affiliate related website, you can always chose there more advanced packages. With these packages you can make custom websites with unique design. Also you will get advanced tool for css editing or advanced tools for design. The free advertisement will also be removed from website and you can easily monetize your website when every you want to. Well that it that, if you still want to use other option then Wix is the all-rounder you can go with or squarespace which is more design oriented website builder or finally weebly which is the quickest and easiest, choice is yours.
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