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    automatic clean-up of html?
    I have about 100 pages on my site and they all are loaded with nesting errors and others.
    Is there some software that will rearrange the html commands and fix the errors?
    I'm trying to do it manually but it's soooo time consuming.

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    automatic clean-up of html?

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    How did you create these pages in the first place? I'm not aware of any software that is going to "fix" your errors in raw HTML. If you created the pages manually, you're on the hook to fix them.

    The best thing that I can suggest is something like Notepad++ with the appropriate plugins to recognize HTML tags and show you where there are issues. It isn't going to fix them, but it can at least help you understand where there are problems so that you can fix them yourself.

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    automatic clean-up of html?

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    Ive been here due to my own foolish coding as a beginner , i can now see what devs mean when they complain about having to fix other peoples bad code. I was struggling to fix my own. I looked for tools while there are a few that claim to clean up html errors nothing really does. I guess the lesson here is keep your coding as tidy as possible. You might try the old Dreamweaver , it should also pick up a good few errors but wont find them all.

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    automatic clean-up of html?
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    Try BBEdit, it's command "Tidy". Tidy is a tidying software developed by the w3c. You may also want to give a try to iCab (the internet taxi for the Mac, On iCab, you will find an excellent feature detecting bad html code.

    Ultimately, you already know it, you are on your own for big blunders, which no robot will ever detect/fix.
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