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    Why won't links to pages work??
    When my website publishes online...the links to the different pages will not work. They work when I test my website inside of iWeb, but not live.

    Any suggestions?

    I have already tried to re-publish it a few times incase their was a break. I am using a FTP to an outside hosting services and not mobile me.

    Help! is the website.

    Thanks for the help!

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    dude the only real way to answer this is to see yr code.

    Have you checked your a tags...? I had a quick look with firebug and from what I can see you need to redo them. The home a tag doesnt actually have a link in it and the others have characters that may confuse.

    Have a look at writing css rollover menu. This will cut down your code quite a bit from what I can see

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    Most common error of this sort: you're linking to local files (or local addresses), which of course aren't going to work when uploaded. Another possibility: you're using spaces in page names. That's a no-no.

    Open one of your pages in Safari (or browser of choice) and switch to an HTML view and find the link to another page that's not working. Post that snippet of the HTML code here.

    In the meantime, try making links to the actual http address those pages WILL have, ie and see if that works.

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    Why won't links to pages work??
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    I can tell you that there appear to be no href's on your pages. Also, you did upload all of your 4 pages.

    In iWeb, I'd click on one of the link titles and the info panel review if the link is set and turned on.
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