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    Web Design with a Mac
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    I find it very frustrating working with a Mac to code my web sites. I can't seem to get the hang of having a million windows open with bbedit, when all I want is one window with tabed documents. I will have to see if that is possible.

    Also, I find using FTP in OS X is rather weird. I know I am still used to my usual Win2K apps, but I just can't find anything that works the same.

    I guess my search for the ultimate website design toolset is still underway...
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    Web Design with a Mac
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    I agree - BBEdit should implement something that makes switching between documents eaiser, but nevertheless, I prefer using macs to create rather than PCs. Probably just because I have done slightly more work on macs. Interarchy is great for FTP, have you tried that? It has a really good feature that mounts your website as a disk on the desktop.
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