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    does anyone know of some open source content management systems
    ( php / mysql ) also on another note, using dreamweaver i always have problems acessing my database though their testing server wizard..however if i upload a connection file with the settings it works fine.

    but if i do not set it up in dreamw using testing server i cannot use their prewritten scripts like user authentication / logon , etc..

    im not really interested in learning too much in writing php/mysql
    i already have phpmyadmin and that seems fine.

    so is there any other mac program like dreamweaver where you can setup your database settings and create a login page / weblog with ease? or should i just download a CMS ? ..i've only found really advanced CMS that go into great detail. thanks.


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    Guest is probably the best place to go for CMS apps. There is also

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    Have you looked at mambo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by coreymcl
    Have you looked at mambo?
    Yes, I actually used Mambo. It is VERY EASY to make a "module" type page for, I forget what they call them. PHP Nuke calls them modules, I forget what Mambo calls them. Once you've made one you enable it via the admin pages.

    But yes, the usability and look if mambo is very nice, I like it much better than PHPNuke.

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