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Thread: USB Thumb drive

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    USB Thumb drive

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    USB Thumb drive
    Hi guys,

    I use a usb drive to transfer data between PCs and Mac's and so far they were running along happily. However, I deleted some stuff the other day and the Mac can't seem to detect the free space that has become available. I plug it into the PC and it tells me the 'correct' amount of free space. Is there anyway to reformat the drive on a Mac or what can I do to fix it?


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    Either run it through Scandisk from the PC or the repair section of Disk Utility (under Utilities) on the Mac. Sounds to me like a corrupt filesystem on it.

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    On the Mac, this invisable file keep track of what's on your disk and when you delete files on the PC side, this file dosen't get updated. Hence, can't see the extra space. You can delete this file on the PC and next time you insert it, your mac will recreate it, although you might lose some custom icons.

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    you can download "filebuddy" and use that to view invisible files on your mac.

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