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    Macbook internet connection (help)...
    In my home I have 2 desktop PC's, they are networked by a Wired router. Is there any cheap way of hooking something to my router that would work as a wireless signal so I could use a Macbook anywhere in my house? I hope I am asking this clear enough...I just am looking for an easier way then to switch the wired router with a wireless router and running all PC's (and Mac) as wireless. I would like for my PC's to stay Wired, while the MacBook is wireless.


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    Macbook internet connection (help)...
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    i dont think there is. a wireless router isnt very expensive these days.

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    Macbook internet connection (help)...
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    Feb 13, 2005
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    I used a wireless router I acquired as a hand-me-down as a wireless access point to my wired router network. Then the wired one got destroyed by, oh, let's say it just kinda had an accident. Subbed in the wireless to take over for wired things.

    Now everything is wireless. Verizon then provided me with a very nice wireless router that the Macs just hook up to. My wife's old Mac Mini has built-in airport. Who knew?

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    Macbook internet connection (help)...
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    Jun 05, 2007
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    even if you did switch to a wireless router you could leave your other computers wired... and just use the laptop wireless. Not EVERYTHING has to be wireless. If you have any questions about setting it up that way let me know. I'm on my way to getting my CCNA so I can help

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    Macbook internet connection (help)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by christm View Post
    i dont think there is. a wireless router isnt very expensive these days.
    They're about US$30-70...the popular Linksys 802.11g router is US$50 from Amazon. I don't think that's particularly expensive, compared to, say, the price of a MacBook.

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    Macbook internet connection (help)...
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    Jul 10, 2007
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    i have a wireless netgear router which is pureley for my macbook pro the other 2 desktops in my house are wired. the router is in the loft bedoom and one pc is there and the other desktop is downstairs 2 floors down in the dining room.

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    Watch the ads for the computer stores. I have picked up a wireless router or two for free after rebates in the last few months for friends. I have had as many as 18 connections to my wireless when hosting a radio show get together last summer without any problems. I have my tivo and two Macs wireless as well as my printer with an old pc wired. You can mix and match as much as you like.

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