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    Unhappy Mounting dmg problem
    I am having trouble mounting dmg files. When they are downloaded by Safari I just get the message "Mounting Failed" and when I view it in finder it fails to install with the reason "Broken Pipe"...any ideas???

    I only identified the problem following the recent upgrades from software update anf following the upgrade to iTunes 7.3 it no longer works grrrrr... thats another problem for another thread....

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    Mounting dmg problem
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    Have you tried to download it from another source? Perhaps the source DMG is corrupt.

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    I have tried a few different programs and sources but still no joy...

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    Mounting dmg problem
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    What was the last update you did?
    as an example will assume it was 10.4.9
    go to Apple and download the combined update - in the search field type "10.4.9 combo update" of course replace 10.4.9 with the last one you installed, and download this file

    Disconnect all external peripherals except keyboard and mouse.
    Quit all running programs. Do nothing while the updater is running.

    1. Launch Disk Utility and select a drive, then click the Restore tab
    2. Drag the dmg file into the Source field, or click "Image.." and navigate to it
    3. Drag a drive into the Destination field
    4. Make ABSOLUTELY sure the there is NO check mark in the box in front of "Erase Destination"
    5. Click the Restore button
    6. The install package will appear on the destination drive, click on it to launch installer and run it

    These tips came from here, here, here

    It was reported to have repaired the broken pipes error - might read thru some of them first to fully understand the operation
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    Have you tried in Firefox?

    Sometimes I get that error in Safari. Your not using the Beta by any chance?

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    Thanks Bobtomay...worked a treat.

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