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    Trouble with iChat...
    My girlfriend and I just can't see to get the voicechat to work. She's using AIM on some PC and I'm using iChat on my iBook. Whenever I invite her, she accepts and it looks like it's going to connect fine. But then after a few seconds, it says that she declines the invitation (even though she accepted). She says that it then continues to ring (the program rings when they are invited to do stuff).

    It doesn't work when she invites me either. She'll invite me and I'll get the normal popup for the invitation. I'll accept the invitation and it looks like it's going to connect, but then it cancels and I get some send to Apple error message (it tells her that I declined the invitiation). I tried reading the error message, but it was all jibberish (well, I'm sure it means something to someone). I checked the diagnostic log thing in iChat for the audio conferences, and it said there was some error (error -8 or something).

    For a microphone, she just uses some headset that plugs into the audio inputs on her computer. I tried using both the internal mic and a USB headset (I set the appropriate one up in Sys Prefs and in the iChat prefs).

    What's going on? What causing this problem?

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    Bump. Anyone?

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    Trouble with iChat...

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