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    Is there really a big difference between the macbook and the macbook pro??

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    Wink Is there really a big difference between the macbook and the macbook pro??
    Hi everyone, i'm in the final stages of getting enought cash (my laptop has reached more than enough on eBay and is still going up).

    I am in the UK btw. Mac's in general are very expensive here.....i'm wondering is there a massive dif between the acbook and the macbook pro as i reckon (atm) i will only be able to afford the base version of the macbook pro or i could get the black macbook......i'm really unsure what the amin differences are?

    Anyone around here owned both models??

    Can anyone help me by clearly pointing out the advantages fo going Pro??

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    Is there really a big difference between the macbook and the macbook pro??

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    Well speed isn't an issue now because you can get the same processor in the MacBooks as the MacBook Pros. However the MacBook Pro is going to have a bigger screen, Firewire 800 (along with 400 and USB), and a dedicated video card (the MacBook shares the system memory with video). It really depends on what you're going to need to do. Also preference on screen size will be a factor for the decision I think.

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    Is there really a big difference between the macbook and the macbook pro??

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    Where in the UK are you?

    Is there an apple shop around near you because that would be a good place to go and have a look and play around on them.

    I would be asking myself "what do I need from my new computer? What apps will I be using etc"

    I dont really need a MBP but got it because I could afford it at the time. Having looked at the macbook, there is a quality difference in the feel and look of the product but ultimately its what you need from it that will make the difference.
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    Is there really a big difference between the macbook and the macbook pro??
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    The Macbook Pro has three things over the Macbook (or five, depending on your point of view):

    * Dedicated graphics card for gaming.
    * Bigger as-equipped LCD screen (15" and 17" depending on 's in your case, or $$$'s in my case)
    * One of them card slots; I forget what it's called these days. It used to be like a PCMCIA card slot (I pronounce that pic-a-mic-a) but now it's called something else for peripherals.

    The Macbook has three things over the Macbook Pro (or five, depending on your point of view):

    * It's cheaper
    * It's smaller, and thus more 'tote-able'
    * I forget what the third thing is, so I'll repeat the cheaper thing

    Oh, there's little things like the Pro has a titanium shell, illuminated keyboard, a firewire 800 port for things that you might connect that take advantage of that speed different 'form-factor' for those who find that kind of thing important. Those items would be part of the "or five" that I initially mentioned.

    Both have Core 2 Duo CPUs that are more than adequate these days with the Macbook Pro's being slightly faster; though the Macbook appears to have caught up with the latest update. Both have awesome screens even if one is bigger than the other. Both have the ability to use an external monitor spanned to be one big monitor. Both have the best trackpad known to civilised mankind. Both have built-in wireless, bluetooth, iSight camera, motion sensors to keep the hard drive undamaged, slot-loading DVD/CDR reader/writer, great battery life, and a sleek sexy look.

    And, of course, if it matters the Macbook has all of its ports (power, USB, Firewire, external monitor, network, sound in/out) on the left side, while the Macbook Pro has its ports on the right side.

    So there you go. Looks like the difference is really how much you want to spend (and nobody wants to spend more than they have to) and how portable you want your Mac to be!

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