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    Airport Question & Program Default Question
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    Airport Question & Program Default Question
    Two seemingly simple questions:

    1. How do I always make my MB connect to my wireless network as the default when I power it up?

    2. How do I make all file types open with a specific application? For example, I have NeoOffice save all of my documents as .doc files, but when I click on them to open up, they always default to the MS Office trial. I know you can specify each individual file to open within a certain application, but I'd like to make it such that any .doc file opens with NeoOffice (similar to selecting "apply to all files of this type" in Windows XP).

    Thanks in advance.

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    not sure about #1, mine connects to my network automatically...poke around in the Network pane of System Preferences though

    for #2, do a Get Info (command-I) on one of the files, then in the "Open With" menu choose the application, and then press the "Change All" button

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