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    rename first mac name
    hi guys/gurls

    not sure if this is in the right sub form...

    ok here goes.. i got a new mac called it admin
    when logged in i created a new user mac001 which i gave admin rights to.
    logged in as mac001 deleted admin account

    now when i go into terminal it comes up as:

    admins-computer: mac001$

    how can i change the admin name so it shows mac001

    please anyhelp

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    Been wondering the same thing myself. Set it up at first as <firstname> <lastname> for the full name, and it combined them together for the shortname. Only way I've thought of is to make another admin account, delete your current account (Keeping the home folder intacts), renaming the home folder to the new user, then chmown-ing the folder to the new user.
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    rename first mac name
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    The only way to change the shortname is to create a new account. Why not give the old name admin capabilities, and use the new account for day-to-day use? If you make sure ownership and permissions in Get Info is set to the admin account, the Mac will ask you every time some change is made, adding a level of security.

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    cazabam has told me how, the answer is below

    Go into System Preferences and select 'Sharing'. You can enter a new computer name at the top.


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    rename first mac name
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    Quote Originally Posted by test_drive View Post

    cazabam has told me how, the answer is below

    Go into System Preferences and select 'Sharing'. You can enter a new computer name at the top.

    Wow, it worked...

    Don't forget to use the reputation system!
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