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    Apple credit card
    I applied for credit with Apple. I thought you could use the credit right away. Anyway, when I check the status it says approved and the card will be mailed. Can I use the card at an Apple store?

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    Did you get an Apple Crecit CARD, or Apple credit? You can use Apple credit right away.

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    Apple credit card
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    i believe you can use at before you get the card, i applied, got approved and purchased all in one process but ended up using my own card because i had a little bit of a better rate.
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    Apple credit card

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    I just went through this. You can apply and use it online within a 15 minute time block. If you wait to long you cannot make the purchase and must wait for the card to come in the mail.


    PS You can indeed use it in the store when it comes but as far as I know it's a normal Mastercard so you could use it anywhere. It has a very high interest rate though.

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