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    File locations / iCloud docs

    I'm a long-time PC user (since 1984) who has just gotten a MBP (running Catalina), which I am delighted with. I'm used to iOS on iPhone/iPad, but a few questions that I've not been able to wrap my brain around pop up now and then, though... the most important of which for me at the moment is (two-fold, in a way):

    1) I have a Numbers file which I use and edit both on my MBP and a Windows machine via a browser/iCloud. Is this file on my MBP's hard drive AT ALL or is it only located there when I open the file and edit it? That kind of freaks me out, especially since I haven't been able to work out a wireless backup solution for the MBP (I do have an external HD which I remember to back it up to now and then... infrequently).

    2) And secondly, I have given this file a custom icon and then created an alias for it from its present home on the iCloud Drive in Finder and placed the alias on my desktop. Sometimes that alias displays the custom icon, and sometimes it doesn't (and I have to go assign the custom icon again to the original file, create the alias again, move it to the desktop again, etc.). When I find the custom icon "missing", even if I say "show original" it doesn't always restore the custom icon. What's going on in this situation and how do I resolve it?

    Your insight is much appreciated!
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    from my experience using iCloud on a MacBook air and Dell XPS using artwork mostly in jpgs.
    this file is were you open and save it.
    if the file is opened in iCloud, the edit will be made there and kept there.
    any "save as" will go where you need, a mac or PC.

    of course other experts here will add their knowledge soon.

    i purchased a Dell XPS last year (mac user since 1995) and going through some learning curves as well.
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    File locations / iCloud docs
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    Hi Nancy and a warm welcome to Mac-Forums. Thank you for your post.

    As regards question 1 - the answer has really been given, but to elaborate:

    Any File, whatever its nature will reside ultimately wherever you saved it to. I doesn't matter whether you access and edit the file on computer, a, b, c - where you Save it is where it will remain. In your case, iCloud - NB not sure if you really mean iCloud or iCloud Drive - they are different.

    But here's a tip. Whenever you have finished working on a file, you have the option to save it anywhere you like; but it's not obvious.

    What to do is: hold down the Option key (on a Mac), whilst doing so, click on File and you will see a "Save As" option appears. This allows you to save it anywhere of your choosing. This applies to virtually all Apple-based apps and some third party apps as well. In fact, if you click on File and press/release the Option Key, you will see "Save As" appear/disappear.

    Question 2 - I advise against doing what you did. Instead, find the file in iCloud Drive via Finder, then Click/Drag it to the DOCK (not Desktop) to the right of the divider line ie close to the Trash can. That is the way to create a link to the file. Custom icons and Desktop can be fraught.

    Now that you have joined us, please post back and join in.


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