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    Charging my MacBook Air
    I'm shopping for a USB multiple charging station but do not see any that will charge my laptop. Is it possible to use a double ended USB cord to accomplish this? Ron

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    Charging my MacBook Air
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    Welcome to the forum. Maybe, Maybe not. (Edited to include USB-C)

    The laptop does not use the same voltage as any USB charging station. USB typically puts out 5v, maybe up to 2 Amps, sometimes as little as 100 mA. Laptops use a much higher voltage to charge. In the case of the Apple MBP mid-2015 that I have, the charger puts out between 16 and 18 volts, 4.6 amps.

    You didn't say which laptop you have, but if you have one with the USB-C port that also is the charging point, Apple has this one in the store: Anker PowerPort I PD 60W 5-Port USB Wall Charger with USB-C Cable - Apple . I have no idea how well it works, but it IS being sold by Apple, so it may be ok.

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