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    New to Apple/MBP
    My current Windows laptop is on its last leg; I want to purchase the new 2019 MBP 16" 256-512GB (budget <$3100) however I honestly am newbie when it comes to computers/specs.

    I do a lot of photo editing on Lightroom, and want to get into 4k video editing (Premiere) & Photoshop; other than that I multitask with Lightroom, browsing, Netflix.

    What specs should I consider--I hope to do a lot of research within the upcoming months
    Which processor? 2.6GHz 6 Core i7 / 2.3GHz 8 core i7 / 2.4GHz i9
    Which RAM/Memory? 16GB / 32GB / 64GB
    Which Graphics card? AMD 5300M 4GB / AMD 5500M 4GB / AMD 5500M 8GB

    The help would be much appreciated, these specs & numbers to me honestly mean nothing lol...

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    New to Apple/MBP
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    If your budget is as you say, go for the high end machine. However, I'm going to give you a bit of a warning here.....

    The new Apple MacBook Pro 16" machine is a real fast machine, but it has one problem that has been discussed numerous times by owners. And that is... it's a noisy machine. Lot's of coil whine which is clearly noticeable by most folks who own one. If you're an older person (like me) the coil whine may not be as noticeable to you. Even with my Sr. Citizen ears I can clearly hear the coil whine in those machines.

    My recommendation to you is make sure you purchase directly from Apple. Right now the Apple return policy has been extended to January 8, 2020 from the normal 2 weeks. Do not buy one from another seller or discounter as their return policy may be very limited. Be sure to read all the fine print....

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