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    Thumbs up Macbook pro retina 2014 13'' A1502 Board = 820-3476 i5 4.6 8gb 512 ssd
    Hello all I purchased this on ebay and the seller said the logic board was bad turns on but will not boot, I do get a green light then amber on the charger but no power. The inside of this is spotless no dust or corrosion that I can find anywhere (under high magnification) So I purchased a new logic board installed it and now I have no lights on the charger and no power. Any Idea's ?? ..... I'm thinking DC in board may be bad ? Does anyone know of a video that show's where to test for all the power rails on this board ??

    Thanks for any input on this.

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    Macbook pro retina 2014 13'' A1502 Board = 820-3476 i5 4.6 8gb 512 ssd

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    You can only probe the logic board end of the MagSafe board cable. Disconnect the black plug, flip it over to show the barbs of the pins through the side of the connector, and probe the pins with a DVM. The voltage will be quite low, I think around 3V, as the power adapter output isn't loaded. Even this simple test isn't in Apple's 'service manual'. The Apple repair procedure is to disconnect all non essential components one by one, such as the SSD, AP/BT board, battery, right I/O board, camera connector, display connector, keyboard and trackpad, then with a power adapter connected attempt powering on via the logic board startup contacts. If no success attach a known good MagSafe 2 board, if still dead by default the logic board is defective. Hopefully you have been wearing an anti static wrist band and been working on a static dissipative ESD mat when replacing the board. Could be you bought a bad logic board.

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