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    Time machine network drive back up
    Hi, I'm trying to set up my imac time machine to back up to a network hard drive. I have set up SMB.
    sudo tmutil setdestination /Volumes/ Dadimacbackup
    After which I get the following message on terminal and the image disc does not show up on time machine.
    Usage: tmutil setdestination [-a] mount_point
    tmutil setdestination [-ap] afp://user[:pass]@host/share
    Can someone please advise in simple terms what to do next?

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    Time machine network drive back up
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    You can read the full documentation of the tmutil command using 'man tmutil', which is helpful in explaining what is expected and why the command you issued is failing.

    The 'tmutil setdestination' command expects minimally a '-a' option before the '/Volumes/Dadimacbackup' mount mount. The -a is for "Add" to list of possible locations. Understand that external drives are automatically mounted to the /Volumes folder when connected to the iMac. Since you are using a network drive over SMB, you'll have to use the other format, so the command should be:
    sudo tmutil setdestination -a smb://<username>:<password>@<host>/<folder>
    If don't want to enter the password there, you can add the '-p' option and remove <password> from the command and you will be prompted for it later on.

    All of this info should be available to you since you already SMB mounted the network drive.

    Note that you are required to run this command with sudo before it since you need Admin privileges for the command.

    If you do pass the '-p' argument, understand that you will be first prompted for your iMac password to make sudo work and prompted again for your SMB password to access that network drive.

    Please post back if any of this doesn't make sense.

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