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    Question Old Mac died, partition won't mount on new Mac
    My old Mac died, and having bought a new (used) one, am trying to read the old startup disk. It's showing in 'diskutil list' as /dev/disk2 but the partition disk2s2 is greyed out in diskutil and won't let me mount. Various articles talk about having to "unlock" the disk before being able to mount it, but that option is nowhere to be seen in diskutil. I can't remember if it was ever encrypted (with Filevault?).

    I've attached a picture from diskutil.


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    Old Mac died, partition won't mount on new Mac
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    Can you post info about both Macs? Model? Year? OS version?

    Also, how are you connecting the old drive? Is is still in the old Mac, or is it in an enclosure?

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    Both Macbook Pro 15". Old one 2010 A1286, new one 2014, A1398. Old drive is connected by USB using several different USB/SATA connectors. Device and partition are recognized - just the partition is greyed out. OS on each is the latest that is allowed on the hardware (the newer one would therefore be slightly newer OS version).

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    It was my mistake, when I installed and updated the OS on the newish Macbook, it installed Yosemite, not Mojave. After updating to Mojave, the OS recognised the APFS partitions and prompts me to unlock. Mojave never appeared as an automatic update option - I had to sign into iTunes, and download it (for free). So, now I've learnt something new.

    Thank you for your help.

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