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    Red face dual monitor for iMac
    I was considering getting another 27" monitor for my iMac just so I can manage emails separately on an adjacent screen. Does this makes sense from an operational point of view? I believe they would connect with a Thunderbolt cable.

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    dual monitor for iMac
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    Makes perfect sense, and be sure to get one that is at least the resolution of your iMac. If it's pre-5k gen iMac, then you want the monitor to be able to do 2K (2560x1440) natively. If you are on the 5k iMac, then you want the external monitor to do 5k (5120x2880) natively. Having mismatched resolution is going to get very annoying very quickly.

    Apart from resolution, also ensure that the external monitor has an adjustable stand so that you can set it up at the same height as the iMac. That way, moving your mouse between the screens will be effortless.

    At work, I'm on a 2019 MBP with 2 external monitors. The external monitors are at the same height while the laptop is lower, so when I move the mouse to the laptop from the monitor, it's not as easy as it is to move between the two monitors. But since I predominantly work on the 2 monitors and the laptop is to watch for e-mail, this is less bothersome to me.

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    dual monitor for iMac
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    You're aware of Mission Control and Spaces? I'm just asking, because swiping between full screen apps works well also. I also have two screens attached to my Mini, but I use quite a few full screen and swipe back and forth all the time. Of course, it helps with the swiping, if you have a Magic Mouse, or the Magic Trackpad.
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    dual monitor for iMac
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    I've been doing this for years. I've also used Spaces as member ferrarr suggested. I had been using a 24" Samsung monitor as the primary monitor for my 2008 MB Pro and by the time I got the iMac I was hooked on using a second monitor. When the Samsung monitor finally died I found a pretty good deal on an LG monitor.

    The resolution difference between the two monitors that Nick mentioned didn't bother me. been using a Samsung monitor Personally, I've never been as comfortable using Spaces as I have been using dual monitors but that's just a personal preference on my part.

    The one complaint I have is that I got an ultrawide monitor. That, by definition, means it has a different aspect ratio from the screen on my iMac. I've found that more distracting than the resolution difference on the Samsung ever did. Maybe that will go away once I get the height of the monitors closer to the same height.
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