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    Help with reading an external memory stick
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    Note that she said the camera could be "seen" when the card was formatted to FAT, but then it was not recognized by the camera. Indicating that the camera uses a proprietary format for the card which means that even a SD card reader may be of no use.

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    Help with reading an external memory stick
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    It depends what the screen shot in post #3 is.
    I assumed it was the screen shot of the camera SD card as formatted by the camera
    I know it says MS-DOS (FAT16) in Disk Utility, but that is exactly what I get when I use Disk Utility when I check the SD disk on my Minolta which also uses a proprietary format and wont work with the SD formatted by the Mac.
    In my case, the Mac "thinks" it's formatted in MS-DOS, Disk Utility actually says MS-DOS (FAT) and I can open the folder and the images and also copy all images to the Mac.
    I thought the OP's situation might be similar.

    If the screen shot however is that of the SD card formatted by the Mac in MS-DOS, that is sort of meaningless infiguring out how to read the card.

    I should add that in all my years using a Mac, and this goes back to OS 6, I don't ever remember not being able to read an SD card of any format (unless it was corrupted of course)

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    Help with reading an external memory stick
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    I have one of these ThiEye devices and the method of getting the images onto the Mac is a simple one. ThiEYE App
    There is also an app for the Mac Book Pro from the App Store called "The Action Camera Toolbox" which can be used for a host of action cameras. Action Camera Toolbox on the Mac App Store
    This You tube clip shows the model I have and how to connect to it via WiFi YouTube
    I used to be conceited but now I'm perfect.

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