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    Quote Originally Posted by exgarymac View Post
    Wow, loads of interesting chatter here - most of which I do not understand. My original entry on this thread was because OUTLOOK on my Android telephone says I need to re-enter the password, but I have no idea what caused that, so I just needed clarification in case the request becomes some sort of regular thing. Thanks for all your input everyone.
    Sorry about going so far off topic. But, your OP raises the interesting and important issue about how intrusive and cumbersome security measures offered by vendors and service providers ought to be. We all want to be safe and secure until that security becomes too time consuming and unwieldy.

    I've just opened One Password's Watchtower which informs me that I have 303 vulnerable passwords, 326 reused passwords, 277 weak passwords, have not implement two-factor Authentication 28 times and have passwords for 6 compromised websites and 194 insecure websites.

    I suppose I should spend the two or three weeks that it would take to fix all that but I'd rather eat sawdust.

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    App-Specific Passwords
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    Well, you could shoot yourself, Mike! Not a joking matter though I mean it so. But you are right. Security becomes a burden, is wearisome and one begins to worry++.

    It is probably dealing with the major vulnerabilities first.

    Also ask yourself whether you still use some of the sites - do you really need them? That can narrow the list down a bit. 2FA for the major sites is good, for sure.

    Judgment rather than panic.


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    You're right. I need to do something. And, certainly, there are probably many sites that I never look at anymore.

    If I do get a warning from 1Password when I log into a site, I do fix things. So, I'm probably OK on the stuff that's important.

    If only I were retired and had lots of time on my hands.

    Oh, wait….

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