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    Need Mac Compatible CRM similar to ACT!
    ACT! is a client relation management (CRM) application. ACT's layout is clean, condensed and convenient! ACT! is not compatible with Mac OS, unfortunately, so we need a substitute. Daylite (MarketCircle) we use, but it is antiquated and poorly integrated with our VoIP provider, which is RingCentral. MS Outlook might be our only recourse...

    Please advise on Mac compatible alternatives to Daylite or Outlook that is similar to ACT's layout?

    We do not need projects or sales pipeline...simpler is better.

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    Need Mac Compatible CRM similar to ACT!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NoSpinZone View Post
    ACT! is a client relation management (CRM) application...

    Please advise on Mac compatible alternatives to Daylite or Outlook that is similar to ACT's layout?
    I get asked this a lot...and it's difficult to answer. First, if you want something "similar" to ACT's layout, you may not be happy with any alternative, because one app rarely uses the same type of layout as another. There are apps with similar functionality that lots of other folks enjoy using. If you can settle for that, we might be able to find you an alternative you can be happy with.

    Second, folks ask for a "client relationship management" (CRM) application, but often what they really are asking for is a PIM (personal information manager). A CRM app is for salespeople who are targeting folks as part of a sales campaign. A PIM is for keeping track of contacts' information. Daylight and Outlook, both of which you mentioned, are NOT CRM apps. They are PIM's. ACT is both. But it is usually used as a sophisticated PIM.

    So...let me assume that you are looking for a PIM. (If you aren't, let me know, and I can give you a long list of honest to goodness very specialized CRM apps.)

    By the way, if what you REALLY want is ACT, and nothing else, as far as I can tell ACT is now entirely a cloud-based product. That means that it's platform neutral. So, if you are willing to pay a subscription fee and don't mind your data residing on someone else's server, you can have ACT on your Mac:
    CRM Pricing & Cost For The Ultimate In Marketing Automation - Act!

    Have a look at:

    Studiometry ($250)
    Studiometry << Oranged Software
    Extraordinary Small Business Apps << Oranged Software

    BusyContacts ($50)
    BusyContacts - The Best Contact Manager App for Mac
    Integrates with BusyCal ($50) for calendaring:
    BusyCal - The Best Calendar App for Mac

    Dossier ($25) (an incredible value)

    Cardhop ($15)
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