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Thread: thunderbolt 2

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    thunderbolt 2
    my thunderbolt 2 port is very unused. Can I get a thunderbolt2 to USB 2 adaptor for under 10$ ? Then I could use it for usb powered speakers.
    yes? Would my sound settings show my speakers and let me change default?

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    I dont see anything like this...How would you make use of your T2 port cheaply?? I see that mini display port is the same connector...

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    thunderbolt 2
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    Itís the same shape, so it might be compatible, but so is Thunderbolt 1 & 2. They used to make those adapters. Have you looked on eBay, or amazon? I would also recommend checking monoprice, they have cheap cables and connectors.

    Edit: I use mine with HDMI adapter and a FireWire 800 adapter.
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