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    Investing in Apple

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    Investing in Apple
    Im not really sure what a switcher is relating to the title of this forum thread, but i wanted to ask some advice, i Use predominantly non apple and mac items, but as I have assisted more and more people with their products ive learnt a few things and as i have stated before im growing to like apple.

    What is a good entry level ( current Phone) Something thats not going to kill my pockets, and even a laptop as a workstation for web development and probably more important to this question, running 3d modding programs on.

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    Investing in Apple
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    Well, a switcher, is someone switching from another device manufacturer to Apple/Mac. So this forum should work for your query.

    You will have to confirm your modeling programs have versions for macOS. As anything that is processor intensive will require better performance, you will need to set up your expectations and communicate that to us? Do you want a dual core, quad core, or more? Do you need more ram than 16GB? Video cards also affect what is being done, so will you need more video ram? Does it have to be portable? What is the maximum you will be able to spend?
    -- Bob --
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    Investing in Apple
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    Quote Originally Posted by gimli View Post
    What is a good entry level ( current Phone) Something thats not going to kill my pockets...
    iPhone SE

    - Nick
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    Investing in Apple
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    What about something like a used iPhone 6S???

    The same for any laptop, look for some good used ones or checkout Apple's "Refurbished" online Store for some good savings.

    - Patrick

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