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    Introduction habit
    Hello guys i was o the forum couldnt find a introduction thread so i just came straigh from the welcome email to this one......

    Im a web developer always used google products ( and to be honest for a long time i wished apple would crumble) but then oneday i was housinting for a developer friend of mine he had a mac there and said i could use it to work on. So i gave it a shot and man i loved it.

    SOOO i have given in and bought myself a nice secondhand mac to test out, however i am unfamiliar with some of the more complicated system operations within mac and i wish to get familiar with them for two reasons, i wont have a web development compatibility issue with ios and macos and safari if i develop on a mac. Also the potential of an up to date mac seems far greater than any other computer so it is something i want to properly invest in .

    Here in south africa however we dont even have an apple store in our town or province so support is i guess still make its way here.... I am very happy to see you also include threads on web development and mobile app development as swivel has always been something i wondered about having some knowledge of java.

    So il see you guys around , il try not to ask too many questions ...


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    Welcome, Gimli! Nice to have you here!

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    Introduction habit
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    Ask as many questions as you want. I don't think it will be too many. Welcome!

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