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Thread: iPhoto export

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    iPhoto export
    I have a MacBook pro and installed OS X El Capitan. Now I can't send Photos to Walgreens. They say I have to have iPhoto export images to desktop. How do I do this?

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    iPhoto export
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    Quote Originally Posted by ray.szweda View Post
    I have a MacBook pro and installed OS X El Capitan. Now I can't send Photos to Walgreens. They say I have to have iPhoto export images to desktop. How do I do this?
    Hello and welcome to the forum! As you likely know, Photos is Apple's most recent photo editing app, replacing iPhoto & Aperture - now, I use Walgreens pharmacy locally but have never explored uploading images for printing via my MBPro, so no personal experience and not sure if there is a way w/i the Photos app for that purpose - you might want to tell us 'how' you've done it in the past and/or hopefully others who have figured this out in Photos will post.

    BUT - the iPhoto app should still be in your Applications folder in Finder (see image below from my laptop) - take a look there - good luck! Dave

    P.S. I have the Walgreens app on my iPad Air 2 which seems to permit this uploading via the Photos app - just another option.
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    iPhoto export
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    Whether you are using iPhoto or the newer Photos the following general process should get photos exported to the desktop for you. From there I can't be much help as I've never sent photos to Walgreens digitally.

    1. Launch either iPhoto or Phots.
    2. Select one or more photos.
    3. In the File menu there is an Export option. Don't pick "Share". There option is called some variation of Export.
    4. The next few screens allow you to select filetype and quality as well as select the location for the file. You can choose Desktop. If you are exporting several pictures place them ion a folder on the Desktop for convenience.
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    iPhoto export
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    Or, you can just drag and drop from iPhoto onto the Desktop.

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    Thanks for trying to help me. I've tried but I can't do it. I have to learn more basic stuff like putting a folder on the dock and then getting photos there. I'm so mad at Walgreens. You would think when Apple goes from iPhoto to Photos they would set up the program for us. I have to stop for a while just getting to upset.

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    Thanks for trying to help. I'm to new to this stuff and can't get. I try to learn but now I have to stop getting too upset.

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    iPhoto export
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    Creating a new folder is as easy as right clicking on the desktop (or within a folder of your choosing in the Finder) and choosing the first option, New Folder. Then you just drag and drop photos directly from the Photos app into the folder. This won't move the photos, it'll just make copies of them that you can trash when you're done with them.

    To put the folder in your Dock, just drag the folder from the desktop (or wherever you create it since it doesn't have to live on the desktop) to the right of the faint dividing line towards the right side of the Dock.

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