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    can't save .txt file don't have permissions
    My first Mac Book Pro...and its steep learning curve from Windows. I've transferred over my files etc. However, when I go to update a .txt file, i get the attached error. Ive done the following from what I've seen in forums.

    1) use get info and made sure file / user has read/write permissions, same with the folder its in
    2) used the passwordreset command and followed the advice for that process.

    Neither seem to work. I can save as a duplicate, but thats not terribly efficient.


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    Did you use Migration Assistant to move the files to this new machine? If you had, the move should have set the permissions on all the moved files. If you didn't, and just copied them from Windows to the Mac, the permissions don't always get set properly. I would suggest you get Onyx from (get the right one for your version of OS X) and install/run it. As part of the startup it will check and repair permissions for you. NOTE: When you go to install it, you will probably get an error message about not being from a trusted source. That's Gatekeeper working to protect you. To get over that message, Right-click (ctrl-click) on the downloaded file, Select Open and when you get a notice about "are you sure" go ahead and run it. From that point on for that application you won't see that message again. Checking the drive takes a bit of time at the start, but as a part of that process it looks at permissions.

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    can't save .txt file don't have permissions
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    Neither seem to work. I can save as a duplicate, but thats not terribly efficient.
    It's probably not a permissions issue. More likely an ownership problem which occurs when transferring files from an NTFS formatted drive to OS X. Make sure when you transfer files that you use the ignore ownership option. BTW, that's much easier to do with Windows. (Windows file explorer and manager is much more robust than the Finder in OS X)

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    Gave the Onyx a shot but still getting the same error message(s). Thoughts?

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