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    PST file to MBOX file conversion
    Suggestions for Outlook PST file conversion to Apple Mail MBOX.

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    PST file to MBOX file conversion
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    Do you have access to a windows pc?
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    Yes - But not in the same room

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    PST file to MBOX file conversion
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    A very direct answer is provided in the blog entry below, which shows how to use Thunderbird as an intermediary to achieve PST to MBOX:

    Outlook .pst to .mbox conversion | Lukassen's Blog

    There are also a variety of purchasable programs that will do the same thing. If you Google "PST to MBOX" you will find lots. One that stood out for me, but with a $50.00 price tag, is:

    Convert email from Outlook (.pst or Exchange) to mbox format

    I have not used this particular tool, so I cannot vouch for it, but it looks legit.
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    The cheap utility Emailchemy can handle this.

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    PST file to MBOX file conversion
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    Quote Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
    The cheap utility Emailchemy can handle this.
    Another thumbs up for Emailchemy - when I moved from Linux to OS X about five years ago, for quite a while (as in two years), I was still using Thunderbird (having previously moved my entire email setup from Windows to Linux about nine years prior to that, and very reluctant to do it again), and this little app did exactly what I needed: converted almost two decades worth of emails, with eight different accounts in multi-layered folder structure to Mail with minimum fuss. Great stuff.

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