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    Hi and Introduction
    The message said to post a Hi, and introduce self, but I did not see where to post that reply. I'll look again. I joined the forum because I feel unable to use the mac well, and wondered if this would help. Navigation is difficult for me.

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    Hi and Introduction
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    Hello JeanLK, Welcome to the Forum.

    Any questions you may have no matter how trivial you think they may be, just fire ahead and ask. There are many experienced users on here that would be willing to answer your questions.
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    Hi and Introduction
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    Welcome to Mac Forums, Jean. You'll get lots of support here for your questions. Don't think anything is too trivial to ask. I can only answer the "simple" ones, so that's the best kind for me!

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    JeanLK, welcome to the forum. No dumb questions here, just folks looking to figure out how best to use their new toys! So ask away, someone WILL know!

    EDIT: I would suggest that Search is your friend. A lot of questions people ask have already been asked and answered before, so you can save the wait for someone to reply by using Search first. And when you do post a question, give all the details on your system (what machine, what version of the Operating System, what version of the software, etc).

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    Hi and Introduction
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    Welcome to the forum. Don't worry about the questions. Many of our members chew on those with their morning coffee.
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    Welcome and fire away. The only thing I would tell you about any questions you post (and I'd say this to nearly everyone who posts here) is that if you can post screenshots, that usually helps a lot and whether you post pics or not, describing your setup and problem and what you've already tried as thoroughly as possible saves a lot of time in getting to an answer. We can't see what you're seeing, so be descriptive.

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