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    copy email from ipad
    I use mail on my ipad to download mail from my yahoo account. My yahoo account was hacked 4 days ago and all messages were deleted from the server. I have recovered the account with a new password, but yahoo cannot restore my deleted emails.

    I havent synched my ipad since before the account was hacked and the emails were deleted. So, I still have the emails on my ipad. My question is how can I copy them off the ipad? I know if I turn on wifi, it will synch with my yahoo account, which will then delete all the emails on the ipad since they have been deleted on the server. So, how can I copy the emails off, or otherwise get access to them so that I dont lose them? The emails are not backed up anywhere else. (Yes, I know, that was dumb and I am paying the price for my stupidity). If I can somehow get them from the account on the Ipad, then I can save them and not lose them. After that, I start using a mail client to save a local copy and back that up. But, first things first- how can I get access to them?

    All suggestions gratefully appreciated as the emails are quite important to me. Thanks in advance.

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    copy email from ipad
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    You might be able to install Dropbox on your iPad and copy the email messages to the Dropbox folder. Then install Dropbox on your Mac and they should appear where you can again copy them. Dropbox is free and gives you up to 2 GB of space for free.

    You might also be able to use iCloud to sync your email with your iPad and your Mac but you did not mention which Mac you have or what version of OS X you're running?

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    Thnx much for the suggestion of dropbox. To install it on the ipad, I would have to turn on wifi to download it from the app store. I think as soon as I turn on wifi, the mail app on the ipad will synch with my recovered yahoo account and delete all the messages on the ipad since they are deleted on the server. How can I prevent this? Also, in order to have dropbox on the ipad to synch to the dropbox app on the mac, I would need to turn on wifi as well, and wouldnt that cause the mail client to syncy with yahoo and delete my emails? Please excuse my ignorance if there is something obviously wrong with my conception of using dropbox.

    I have a macbook air running Lion. I don't use mail on the Ipad to access the yahoo account- I just access it through Safari. Is there a way to use iCloud to recover the emails on the ipad to the macbook air?

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