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    Need some knowledge
    Hi everybody! I've built repaired PCs for years.But I bought a iPad 2 and I use it 3 times more than my PC. So I am thinking about buying a new Mac. I have about 1000 guestions. But I'll only ask a few , I used a remote hard drive to save all my stuff with USB (no OP on this drive) Can I plug this in and still retrieve the photos,videos,documents? Or will I have to change them over to Mac software? Also will my remote DVD/CD USB drive work with a Mac? Thanks funnnyfarm

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    Need some knowledge
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    Yes - you can retrieve all of your files from the PC formatted drive - that won't be a problem. The remote DVD/CD drive I would expect it will - but you need to post the model/manufacturer.

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    Need some knowledge
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    Next question

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