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    External HDD File Format
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    External HDD File Format
    I have 2 external disk drives (USB 2.0) which I use between my mac and pc. They used to be NTFS (perfect as all I had was windows) but with the mac I converted them to FAT to allow it to used in both systems.

    That was fine till today when I wanted to put a 6GB file in the drive from a windows PC and was told the drive was full. Yep took me ages to cop it. 4GB file size limit with FAT.

    So what format can I use that will allow read/write on both systems and overcome the 4GB limit. Is there an add on for the mac to allow it to write to NTFS partitions?

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    External HDD File Format
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    i've heard of some apps for windows that allows it to read hfs, try this haven't tried them myself.

    But if you're like me and use an external to transfer files from your mac to everyone else's pc's then it's of no great help.

    The only solution i found was to partition my drive fat32 and hfs, this was i can put stuff on the fat for transfer (if it lets me) and back up to hfs. What you could do is partition and keep a copy of the above software in the fat partition and install it where ever it is needed.

    Sounds like a pian in the *** i know
    i can't think of a more elegant solution

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