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    Spell check
    Hello I am pretty new to MAC and brand-new to this forum. Please excuse me it I have posted this in the wrong spot. My question is this;

    I need a widget for my "dashboard" for a spell check. I love the feature built in to the mac os that I have (instantly checks my spelling as I type just about every where I type) However I can't find a "widget" that works for my Dashboard... I don't like having to open an entire application when I want to check my spelling on a word or two (I am a horrible speller and I use my computer all the time to do a quick check on randoms words that I write durning my day) any suggestion as to an app or widget that I can have on my "dashboard" for a quick check?

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    Spell check
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    I'm not really sure what you're trying to do with a spell check widget, but here's one for free: Spelling Bee

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    Quote Originally Posted by chscag View Post
    I'm not really sure what you're trying to do with a spell check widget, but here's one for free: Spelling Bee
    I tried downloading that one and I wouldn't let me ( something about as of april 2012 no more yahoo widget can be downloaded) I would like to not have to open my browser or word or some other application when I would like to check my spelling. Like if I am writing a letter to someone by hand... (YES sometimes people still do that! LOL ) and I want to check if I am spelling a word correctly. I would like to walk over to my computer flick three fingers upwards click my dashboard and type a word.

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    Well, on my system in Safari the spell checker works, and it does in Word, so what other application are you talking about?

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    spell check
    Yes, mee tooo.
    When writing an email from my "" account.
    How do I use a spell checker?

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    Spell check

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    There's a dictionary widget built into OS 10.8 (and 10.7 IIRC). Use a three-finger swipe to the right to show the widget screen, then use the plus-icon to add a new widget: one of them is a dictionary.

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