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    Macbook Pro Hard drive suddenly full
    My wife's Macbook pro suddenly has has no hard disc space! I checked and over 400 GB is filled with files classified as "other." She doesn't have near enough files in her computer to fill up 500 GB.
    Tried to delete all downloads, clear trash, clear iPhoto trash and freed 220 MB.
    Any thoughts?

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    Have you tried Disk Utility to Repair the drive?

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    Did that too. Everything was fine. I'm going to try to move all her iTunes and iPhoto files to an external and see if that will work.

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    Macbook Pro Hard drive suddenly full
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    Before you do any moving or deleting, download the free "Disk Inventory X" from here. That will give you a visual of what's on her hard drive and taking up all that space.

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    Did that and its a great program. The culprit is a recovered message in the mail that somehow cloned itself 4,500 times. Any ideas on a quick way to delete it?

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    And it seems to be cloning more of itself. It just went up from 4516 copies to 4523 copies. Is it a virus?

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    Do you need it? Can you delete it?

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    I tried to delete several times it but it kept coming back. When I first detected it, there were 4516 copies, it went up to 4532 copies so I decided that something that acts like a virus should be treated as one. I finally decided to reformat my drive.

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