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    tethering macbook pro to samsung galaxy cell
    Stupid I must be to have bought an android phone believing it would instantly connect to my mac book pro via a usb port. They seem quite incompatible- which I thought impossible
    given the circumstances...

    Does anyone have an easy suggestion for making them compatible without downloading unecessary software.

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    tethering macbook pro to samsung galaxy cell
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    Both of my Samsung phones will connect to my iMac but only as a removable drive. That allows installing new ringtones and themes but not anything else. They're not Androids though.

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    It would probably help if you would explain in more detail what you want to actually accomplish.

    "Tethering" usually refers to setting up the phone's cellular data connection and turning it into a Wi-Fi "hotspot" so that a computer can then use the connection.

    iPhones can do this IF the service provider (cell phone company) allows it, and it usually comes with a fee of some sort.

    I'm sure some Android phones could do the same (given the same circumstances) but don't know of any with that specific ability, sorry.

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