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    Which Ipad 3rd generation should i get 16g or 32g??
    I am getting the new ipad in a month or 2 and im not sure which size to get either 16g or 32g i have the money for either but i dont want to waste it on the 32g if 16g is enough. I have never had a ipad before so i have no idea but i have a ipod and it's 8g and i only have 1g left on it. I pretty much only download allot of apps which are mosty games i might have a few movies and pod casts (3-4) but not that many. I also will have about 100 songs on it aswell but that is pretty much it. So which one??

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    Which Ipad 3rd generation should i get 16g or 32g??
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    I would play it safe, and go for the 32g. That is what I have.
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    Which Ipad 3rd generation should i get 16g or 32g??
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    If the iPod holds everything now that you plan to put on the iPad, then the 16GB version "may" be adequate. But remember that if you get the 16GB version, that's it. You can't upgrade it to more space. Also bear in mind that the 32GB version will be worth more if you resell it down the road.

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    Which Ipad 3rd generation should i get 16g or 32g??

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    With the new retina iPad screens all the apps will now become larger files so getting the 32 GB might be a wise idea. I've almost filled my iPhone 16 GB. I wish I had the 32 GB so the minimum for me is 32 GB.

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    Which Ipad 3rd generation should i get 16g or 32g??
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    If your budget can run to the 32gb, get it.

    Games especially chew through storage space.

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    Which Ipad 3rd generation should i get 16g or 32g??
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    What I find (I still have a lot of space on my new iPad) is that when you have one, your ability to do cool stuff means you will automatically start using it more, which leads to more movies, TV shows, books, podcasts, apps, and all the rest.

    So yeah, 32GB would be my recommendation.

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