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    Talking Apple Holiday deals?

    Everyone, this is my first post and I am excited to say that I will be buying a Mac soon. I was thinking about getting one closer to the holiday season in hopes of any holiday sales.

    Does Apple even offer anytypes of promotions or deals during the holiday season?

    I am looking to get the 15 inch powerbook with 2 gigs of Ram and 120 HD. I plan on doing a lot of web design and 3D model work.


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    Apple Holiday deals?
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    I honestly have no idea if they will have any sales going on, somebody more in tune with apple will have to answer that. Either way I think you are going to really enjoy your powerbook sale or no sale, especially with the 2 gigs of ram. This is a great place for questions and just everything apple.

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    From what I understand Apple stands by their products and does not offer any kinda of deals like Dell and so forth. I think that the price you see is what you are going to get..

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    Apple Holiday deals?
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    i dont see them goin on sale, searched every site out there, still nothing that makes apple look to put anything onsale this holiday season.....but ill be on the lookout too!

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    I'm not an Apple rep, just an Apple fan, but based on past holiday seasons, we can be about 90% sure that the Powerbook won't go on sale. Here's why:

    1. Apple almost never lowers prices for the holidays. If anything, they introduce a model upgrade or Apple adds extra incentives, like free engraving on iPods. Since the Powerbook was already recently upgraded, you probably can't expect this for the holidays.

    2. The Powerbook is a professional-grade product, and when Apple does lower its its prices for the holidays, it's on the consumer-grade products like the iBook and the iPod. They're trying to get the average joe in there for the holidays, not a power user who will buy the Powerbook whether it's on sale or not. The closest you'll come to a Powerbook discount might be through an Authorized Apple Reseller, who might knock a hundred bucks off the price, or purchasing an Apple refurb machine (those can run as much as 38-40% off the original retail prices of the model.) Amazon is currently selling the 15-incher with an 80-gig hard drive with a $200 rebate over the Apple price, but you can't customize to the 120 gig hard drive with that deal.

    3. There is some speculation that the iBook and Powerbook prices will drop significantly with MacTel because the processor will be so much cheaper, but there is no telling when that's going to happen, and even when it does, the first MacTel machines will probably have some significant problems. Like any company's first run of a new product, the first MacTels will almost certainly have some big problems.

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