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    Inherited a MacBook Pro! Am I a Switcher??
    Greetings all -

    New to the forum, but looking forward to getting some information.

    Background - I have been a life long PC user (only out of necessity - cost). I used Mac for a couple of years when I was in university (15+ years ago and loved them). I vowed to get one again when I can afford one. Long story short, I have always opted for the cheaper PC versions for my home computers - i have an aging laptop and desktop. ANYWAY,

    I recently "inherited" a Mac computer from my brother in law!! I helped him move this weekend and he gave me his "old" mac laptop for assisting him (and doing all of the heavy lifting). He recently purchased a MacBook Air which he is in love with and he also has a iPad 2, so there was no need for him to have the older Pro. Granted, he did say it has been giving him so "issues" recently (he didn't elaborate) and that the battery is dead (which I am ok with as I will mostly be usuing it plugged in).

    Anyway, I am completely new to the Mac world. I literally plugged it in last night, turned it on, went through the set-up process and checked my email through Safari. Everything went smooth.

    Without sounding like a total idiot, how do I find out even what type of MacBook Pro it is? Can I find out if its from 2007? 2009? What about the specs? Does it have a 200MB harddrive? Is this a 15"? (Do I just measure with a measuring tape?). What OS am I running? Etc.

    Also, is there any basic scans I can put it through to ensure it is working properly? (including ones for the battery life?). And I am not interested in running Windows on it, I want this to be my intro into Mac life and never turn back.

    I have an iPhone and had several ipods (including a Touch), so I am not completely new to the Apple, iTunes and App world. I noticed that the iTunes store has a Mac App section - is there anything that I should buy starting out? And what about accessories? Do I need a keyboard cover/protector, etc.

    Again, I am looking for BASIC information, as I have this beautiful machine sitting home waiting for me to play with it and i have NO idea what it is.

    Anyway advice would be nice (please be nice)...thanks!

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    Inherited a MacBook Pro! Am I a Switcher??

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    this site should give you some info type in the last 3 digits of your serial # under the mac, should give you enough info your screen size, configuration.
    os should be easily obtain by the apple menu (apple symbol on top) click it then 'about this mac', see the version #. This should keep you going. the link is below
    Lookup Mac Specs By Serial Number, Order, Model & EMC Number, Model ID @

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    Inherited a MacBook Pro! Am I a Switcher??
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    Click on the Apple on the top menu. Then click on "About this Mac". From there you can select "more info" which will take you through the hardware and various devices. Copy down your serial number as that can be used to determine the age of the MBP.

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