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    External Hard Drive Password protect
    Is it possible to make my external hard drive password protected so you view files on it, but not delete/edit/save them to a computer without the password.


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    External Hard Drive Password protect
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    You don't need a password for that.
    You can use the built in OS X " Permissions " concept.
    You can set permissions at folder level if you want to keep things simple or at an individual file level .... you have that granularity at your fingertips.

    Cheers ... McBie

    Eit: I Missed the " save " part of your question. Does that include drag an drop or are you only referring to " save " by means of an application only ?
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    yes, i don't want people to be able to copy or edit files (photos, documents etc) from my external hard drive without entering some kind of password.

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