Where are we today in Dec '11 from where we were in '01? If you remember in 2001- Fiber-Optic companies like WCG, Enron and Quest had major gluts in Fiberlines. Now with Netflix and other bandwidth chomping providers, we are getting push-back from Information Technologists saying they can't handle the bandwidth and it brings down their systems. Are we lighting that fiber up now?
I'm a video professional and have always stated that video is not for computers but should be viewed from monitors, televisions, projection systems, to bring forth the amazing High Def. quality that we producers provide. Yet, end users are wanting video on their laptops, IPhones, SmartPhones, IPads and home systems as a pass thru to their TV's or to view on the go.
The advent of software codecs and hardware, that allow the quality to come thru in smaller file sizes, continues to fuel the fire. I for one am getting heavy resistance from my IT group saying I must keep inside these parameters of under 50mbs with a file of 320 x 240 or some crazy number... because if everyone views your video at the same time it will bring down our network.
Youtube, Vimeo, etc. continue to bring forth better and better qualities in video, utilizing more and more bandwidth, yet our IT professionals are not keeping up with the end users demands. I keep getting asked the question; "Why does your video look so bad?"

Seems to me that if you want to play in the big game, you come to it with the right tools, spirit and fervor or find someone who will- Light up the Fiber! Fix the bottlenecks. "Sorry the video looks so bad! Ask I.T.! I shot the **** thing in 1080i, it looks beautiful on my Mac!"

Does anyone have the same battle raging with their companies on meeting half way and providing some type of quality when it comes to internal videos within a large Corporation? Or does it come down to spend more dollar!!!