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    Installing and uninstalling applications
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    Put the folder with the game in "Applications". The first time you run the game it will appear in the "Dock" (Large menu bar at bottom of the screen). When it appears there, right click on it and select "Keep in Dock". Now you'll have a large icon you can click on whenever you wish to start up the game.

    And welcome to our forums.

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    *Doh* thanks, that's what I was looking for. Now I have the icon in Launchpad, too

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    Hi there,

    I finally decided to go with the iMac. Now - how do I get my apps from my MBP onto my iMac?

    I don't want to remove them, I just want to copy them.


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    Installing and uninstalling applications
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    Thanks for the instructional posts bobtomay. They go a long way towards helping newbies begin to understand our new OS.


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    Very informative. New mac user for about a month. Had to intuit a lot of things on my own but this filled in a lot of gaps I had left. Thank you!

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    Installing and uninstalling applications
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    I personally use CleanMyMac which does have a drag an drop feature but gets rid of all those associated files from installed apps as well as the original installer.
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    Appcleaner is a good program to use to uninstall programs. I use that one currently.

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    Thanks @ bobtomay for the guide!

    Anyway, I read the guide but I'm still not sure how to uninstall the Tor browser (installed using a dmg file iirc). I cannot remember how I installed it though and the instructions on Tor's website does not seem to work.
    sudo port uninstall tor
    Do I just delete it from the Applications list?

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    Installing and uninstalling applications
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    If you forget or are not easily finding uninstall instructions for a specific app, the easy way can sometimes be:

    a) look up the installation guide instead of trying to find out how to uninstall it

    (In the case of the Tor Browser, it's install directions state "Drag the included file into your Applications folder". This indicates you will simply drag the app to the trash to get rid of it.)

    b) For those without an installation guide, just download the app again and start the install process. When you get to the install, it will either be a drag and drop or it will have an installer - you don't need to actually install it - but, you will now know the method of uninstalling you need to use.
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    Thanks bobtomay. Much obliged.

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    Thanks for your sharing!

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    Importng bookmarks from pc
    Is there a way to import Firefox bookmarks or favs from a windows pc to an imac running the latest os?
    Also does CCleaner do the job on the imac or is there a better os app.I have had my second hand imac for one day after many many years of Windows pc.

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    You don't need CCleaner, or any other app like that. OS X is not Windows, so all of that third party stuff you used to need are no longer needed (or wanted). About all you need are

    Onyx ( Free and does all the "cleaning" you need. Run it every few months or so (I run it twice a year unless I have a specific reason to do so). Get the right version for the OS on your iMac.
    Ghostery ( Free-- blocks trackers, beacons, ads, malware and other stuff your browser may pick up. Turn it on to block EVERYTHING and then if you need something you can pause the blocking for that one thing.
    Malwarebytes ( Free-deletes any malware that may get past Ghostery. Run it once after install, then again if you see any strange behaviors.

    No need for antivirus, there are none in the wild at present that can run in OS X or macOS. You don't need memory managers, memory cleaner, hard drive cleaners, or any other of the crapola that routinely advertises for macs.

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    Thanks,its only my second day on a Mac after many many years on a PC so I am sure there are more questions to come although I try to use Google first.

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    I installed v18 of Kodi on my iMac,could not get it to work properly so uninstalled it and then installed V17 of Kodi.
    The thing is though my settings for Kodi V18 appeared in V17.This means that uninstalling v18 left some files behind.
    Something which was thought was not meant to happen with macs?

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