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    what mac ill should buy? and some questions
    USED** Emac, superDrive, 512Mb ram, 1.42Ghz, 160GB UATA drive, with air port exteme.


    USED** Imac G4, 768Mb Ram, 1Ghz, no airPort, superDrive, 17" LCD active matrix.


    USED** imac G4

    buy a brand new mac mini
    and a used 17" apple studio display


    if ill buy one of these
    buy an air port extreme card (i know that mac mini come with it)

    and try to connect, now i dont know if i can connect the airport to a non apple pc based lan (cnet router and cnet Acces point)

    oh, and if ill buy the used Imac with the 1Ghz it will be neccesery to uprade to tiger from panter?

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    I personally would go for the Mac Mini and the 17" Apple Studio Display. Just remember that the mini doesn't come with a keyboard or mouse. The eMac is a good system as well, with the large HD, SuperDrive, and Airport Extreme. Although does it come with Panther or Tiger? I'd say it really comes down to the OS in this circumstance. That's my 2 cents anyways.

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    Biturbo V12 AMG
    i would get the mac mini. and if your on a budget you might want to look at different monitors yes the apple displays are really really nice and we would all like to have one they are kind of on the expensive side. you could prob get a good 19inch LCD for around 250$ and that will save you alot of money.

    A mac can connect to any wireless network. their are no such things as mac only or pc only wireless internet. but their is such thing as a PC server and a Mac server but its really easy for us macs to connect to PC's.

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    Yeah the wireless will work. I would go with the mini but as the dude above me said...maybe look at other moniters. And if you're worried about keyboard and mouse then the emac is an awesome chice. I almost got it myself.

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    what mac ill should buy? and some questions
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    ill think ill buy the Emac.
    now another Question..

    what should i buy

    the Used with air-port extreme or the brand new?

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    Biturbo V12 AMG
    do you need airport with a desktop? the only reason i got it was i couldnt hardwire a cat 5 cable to the location. but if your able to have internet connection close to your desktop hardwiring it is the way to go.

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