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    A switching in progress...
    A friend of mine and his fiancee come over to my house for dinner last night and I show him some digital photos that I shot from his Beechcraft. I dress up the presentation with an iPhoto slideshow, using the Ken Burns effect, and drop in an iTunes soundtrack. This takes about 30 seconds to do, as you all well know.

    Then I showed him and his fiancee the QT7 H.264 Batman trailer.

    His response? "That's it, we're gettin' a mac." Before he left I burned the slideshow using iDVD, and the wow factor shot throught the roof.

    I remember that feeling after having my first MAC experience, and I'm sure you all do too.

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    A switching in progress...
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    May 12, 2005
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    Oh yeah... your pal is a smart guy- I remember being totally wowed by a friend's G4 Powermac around Christmas, and now he's wowed by my dual G5!
    "Luck favors the prepared"

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    A switching in progress...

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    Tell your friend I'll trade my PowerBook, and all my accessories, for his Beechcraft. :mac:

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    A switching in progress...
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    i love it when people are like , why are you even using that hunk of crap , mac sucks ... and then you do something there eyes pop out of there head , and then there link WOW , im now getting a mac , i love those responces .

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